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From conception to execution, we develop the right programs that produce valuable outcomes for companies, causes and people. Changing minds. Changing businesses. Making marks. That’s what we do. Stamp is one of the premier advertising agencies in Alabama providing advertising and marketing including branding, interactive, media, public relations and search marketing to our clients.

Utility Company Rebrand Igniting a Change

Southeast Gas

The vision of Southeast Alabama Gas District is to become a public utility leader recognized for innovatively serving and helping grow their regional communities. Because of SEAGD's rapid growth and expansion across Alabama, their board of directors and President/CEO saw a need to rebrand. Following the ad agency review process, Southeast Alabama Gas District selected Stamp to lead the utility's overall branding effort. In-depth market research uncovered information that led the agency towards the development of a Marketing Action Plan, new logo design and brand identity update. The company name was shortened to Southeast Gas and the new logo has been well received by customers in helping the company roll out more innovative services and products.

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