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From conception to execution, we develop the right programs that produce valuable outcomes for companies, causes and people. Changing minds. Changing businesses. Making marks. That’s what we do. Stamp is one of the premier advertising agencies in Alabama providing advertising and marketing including branding, interactive, media, public relations and search marketing to our clients.

Retirement Systems Website Retiring the Old Look

Retirement Systems of Alabama

Stamp set out to design a site that would be the face of the Retirement Systems of Alabama and give teachers and state employees an online destination that could be reached from any device to access content. The result was a simple, elegant design that put search first and works efficiently mobile to desktop. Simplified navigation and quick links to important information about retirement and insurance provides an easy experience for site visitors. Our team brought impressive planning and design skills and strategic functionality in addition to comprehensive security testing to the project. We also completed a private internal site for the staff to communicate news effectively and share information.

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