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From conception to execution, we develop the right programs that produce valuable outcomes for companies, causes and people. Changing minds. Changing businesses. Making marks. That’s what we do. Stamp is one of the premier advertising agencies in Alabama providing advertising and marketing including branding, interactive, media, public relations and search marketing to our clients.

Land Trust Campaign

Forever Wild Land Trust

Forever Wild Land Trust was established by constitutional amendment in 1992 to allow the state of Alabama to purchase land for public recreational use. The funding mandate was due to expire in 2012 and had to be approved by state voters during the 2012 election to secure funding by the legislature for an additional 20 year period. Prior to the balloting, we designed and produced outdoor, radio and television to educate the public and state lawmakers about the existence and the recreational benefits of the Forever Wild Land Trust properties and to generate support for the program’s renewal. Alabama voters resoundingly approved the amendment on the statewide November 2012 ballot to extend the Forever Wild Land Trust funding for an additional 20 years (75.16% or more than 1.3 million Alabama voters approved the amendment).

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