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Advanced Heart Check Campaign

Baptist Health

Baptist Health in Montgomery, AL is the largest healthcare provider in central Alabama. With Stamp’s strategic and creative assistance, the hospital system launched a marketing campaign for the Advanced Heart Check. The Advanced Heart Check is a non-invasive screening priced at $199 and begins with a CT scan that provides enhanced 3-D views of the inner workings of your heart. Following the test, the patients receive a CD to view the images with a medical summary mailed to their primary care physician. The hospital’s goal for the campaign was 300 heart checks. Through our strategic efforts consisting of radio, magazine, newspaper, outdoor billboards, indoor screens, hospital displays and micro-site, the hospital has performed over 510 Advanced Heart Check procedures and more importantly, 33 patients received life-saving or life-extending procedures directly attributed to the heart checks. The hospital is well into positive ROI figures for the campaign and celebrated important life-saving measures for members of the community.

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