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Maghen Barranco

Social Media Manager

Account Service

What is a Hanko?

Hanko - Private or official seals or stamps engraved with the name of the office, institution or individual to which it belongs.

Maghen’s personality is symbolized by the social butterfly made up of single quote marks within a destination marker. The latter two aspects showing her love for social media and travel.

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I was born and raised in Dothan, Alabama. I spent the best years of my life at The University of Alabama (Roll Tide!) where I earned a degree in public relations. One week after graduation, I left Alabama to find myself, culture, new people, places and things! I spent a quick summer in Nashville, TN interning and catching live music anywhere I could. Then I moved to Charlotte, NC where I got my first big job out of college in social media marketing. After a year in Charlotte my then boyfriend proposed and asked me to move to San Diego, CA with him, and of course, I said yes! I spent 2 wonderful years in SD working, learning and soaking up as much California sun as I could. And now, I’m back in Alabama still working, still learning and writing this chapter of my life!

Favorite quote: “Look good, feel good, play good.”

Why I love the business: It’s ever-evolving and there’s so much to learn!

Favorite music: Anything but country. Mostly listening to the ‘Have A Great Day’ playlist on Spotify or anything from the 90s.

Trashy TV addiction: I don’t watch “trashy” TV, I watch the good stuff 😉
Friends, GOT, Suits, Good Girls, Younger, Big Little Lies, Stranger Things, Billions, Riverdale… the list goes on! #TVaddict

Favorite hashtag: #blessed

Raving about: Food, TV or something cute my dog did.

Where I like to make my mark: Doodling, on anything within reach!

I want to Stamp out: Closemindedness.

Four words that describe me would be: Curious, independent, social butterfly.

Back in the day I said I’d never come back to Alabama…Never say never!

Honk if you love: Being on the open road!

Once aspired to be…A marine biologist.

My spare time is spent: Watching TV, eating and traveling.

I make: Crafts, magic, occasionally dinner.

Hidden talent: Catching tuna! I’m 2 for 2. 😉

Best advice received: “Fake it ‘til ya make it!”