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Luke Hall

Business Development

Account Service

What is a Hanko?

Hanko - Private or official seals or stamps engraved with the name of the office, institution or individual to which it belongs.

Luke loves sweater weather, travelling to wintery destinations, eating pizza, and watching lots of football and other sports.

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Luke generates new business for Stamp while helping the agency’s overall marketing and public relations efforts. He and his wife moved back to Montgomery in 2018 and are excited to see Montgomery’s growth in the years ahead. They have one daughter and attend Trinity Presbyterian Church.

Favorite movie quote: "Where is that accent from, New Jersey? No, Austria. You are from Austria!? Well then goodday, Mate! Let’s put another shrimp on the barbie!" – Lloyd Christmas

Why I love the business: Ever changing

All-time best movies: Tombstone. Dumb and Dumber. Fletch.

Fav music: All over the board… Sinatra. Grateful Dead. Van Morrison. Country. Jimmy Buffett

Favorite travel/vacay experience: Any ski resort out West

Honk if you love: Christmas. NFL Playoffs. Wimbledon. College football Saturday. Pizza. Dogs. Sweater weather.

Raving about: My 2 year old's Hello Blue Diaper wipes

TV addiction: 30 Rock.

Four words that describe me: Grateful to be here.

Dream Job: Writing books. Funny ones. 

My spare time is spent: Socializing

I make: Venison chili

Best advice received: Be grateful