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A talented team of strategists, storytellers, designers, innovators, media gurus and forward thinkers. Bringing the leadership that clients expect today. Stamp is one of the premier advertising agencies in Alabama providing marketing services including branding, interactive, media, public relations and search marketing to clients.

David Allred

Agency Principal & Managing Director


What is a Hanko?

Hanko - Private or official seals or stamps engraved with the name of the office, institution or individual to which it belongs.

Always looking for an excuse to use his tool set, David is the agency handyman. When he isn't problem solving, he can be found daydreaming about being on the water.

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David serves as the managing partner handling the day-to-day company management and personnel. He actively participates in account planning, digital development, broadcast production, and new business efforts.

Dreaming about: Sailing.

Water and wind suitable for sailing.

Back in the day I professionally installed very large, very loud car stereo systems.

I want to Stamp out: Mediocrity.

Favorite music: Anything playing on my Tiesto Pandora channel.

Why I love the business: Getting to do different things every day.

Favorite movie quote: “I'm Winston Wolf, I solve problems.”
- The Wolf (Harvey Keitel) in Pulp Fiction.

Honk if you love: Dark chocolate.

Trashy TV addiction: Dexter.

Raving about: Podcasts.