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Cristen Bozeman

Media Buyer


What is a Hanko?

Hanko - Private or official seals or stamps engraved with the name of the office, institution or individual to which it belongs.

Cristen has never met an animal she didn’t love, maybe that is why her heart is so big!

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A dedicated member of our staff, Cristen is skilled in the management of new and existing accounts. She is a proficient planner and media buyer and has experience with outdoor, print, digital and broadcast advertising. Cristen also supervises media billing and co-op claims. She is Google certified for Google Ads Fundamentals, Google Ads Display and has experience with all things digital, Facebook Ads, Instagram, SnapChat, Twitter, LinkedIn, Google Ads and Ad Center by Microsoft (Bing). Cristen earned her Bachelor of Science in Business Administration from Auburn University in Montgomery. 

I make: Dogs that I foster a better pet for their forever family!

Cristen has been a volunteer and foster parent with the Elmore County Humane Shelter since 2005.

Four words that describe me would be: Helpful, Friendly, Courteous, Kind

Favorite music: The 80s (38 Specials)

I want to Stamp out: The use for animal shelters, cancer of all kinds and mean people!

Where I like to make my mark: On animals in need.

Raving about: Animals.

Trashy TV show addiction: Good Girls.

Hidden talent: Dog whisper.

My spare time is spent: Playing with my dogs, reading books, and being outside.

Favorite quote: “No act of kindness no matter how small is ever wasted.” –Aesop’s Fables

Favorite movie quote: “Stay gold ponyboy, stay gold.” –The outsiders

Best advice received: “Get out of advertising.” –Roberta Pinkston

Favorite hashtag: #allaboutanimals

Once aspired to be…A teacher because I loved all my teachers and wanted to be like them.

Why I love the business: Work is always changing. Never a dull moment.

I’m your wife, Vader!

Honk if you love: Four-leggers.