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Camille Leonard

Creative Director


What is a Hanko?

Hanko - Private or official seals or stamps engraved with the name of the office, institution or individual to which it belongs.

Camille’s Hanko was inspired by the spiral associated with the Golden Mean Proportion. Good ideas can grow and have a life beyond that one intended solution. And it makes a visual statement about how she feels about her curly hair. Her motto–big hair & big ideas go hand in hand!

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Happily designing and directing art since 1983. I am vintage but always interested in the new. I feel fortunate to work in a field that is ever changing, never boring (unlike my bio). Jim (Leonard) and I married in 1991 and function in a sort of creative yin and yang. We have two daughters, Elsa and Margaret. My hope, in raising them exposed to our work, is that they learn the world is full of possibilities and beauty. 

Why I love the business: Because you can't draw horses for a living. All kidding aside, every day is a new opportunity to help people succeed. Work doesn't get better than that!

And I do get to draw—occasionally it's a horse.

My Favorite Places 2019: Places we've been for work and play. I've shared a few of them here on my page.

Favorite Places 2019: My daughter's Rural Studio project, Pig Roast Day. The students presented a home they designed and built in Hale County, where they spent a semester as part of Auburn University's School of Architecture.

I create: Solutions. I work to make them visually interesting or smartly worded.

Favorite Places 2019: The National Memorial for Peace and Justice, just blocks from our office.

Raving about: Working in our developing Downtown. From my desk, I can people passing by our office. Some are busily going to work. Some are visitors or tour groups reading the historic markers right outside our doors on their way between sites, like The National Memorial for Peace and Justice.

Favorite Places 2019: The Vessel at Hudson Yards, NYC. Jim is taking a family photo tiny in the foreground. Those photos are our most valued souvenirs.

Where I like to make my mark: On my children, of course. How? Thru the example of loving my work and the experience of finding the world an interesting place. 

Four words that describe me would be: Intuitive, Curious, Accident-prone, and Quirky.

My spare time is spent: Reading. And traveling.

And re-watching movies I've seen a million times.

Back in the day: I let our pony in the house to watch the Preakness on TV.

Once aspired to be… A museum curator because I love to know why people create things. I also wanted to be a chemist because I like to see what happens when you mix things up.

Ironically, both of those job descriptions sound a bit like what I do as an art director. 

Favorite Places 2019: The Drive-Thru Museum of Wonder outside of Columbus, Georgia. It's an exuberant, creative roadside attraction made of shipping containers.