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Stamp to hold 4th Annual Ping-Pong Tournament

Stamp May Madness 2017

At Stamp, ping-pong is big during our lunch breaks. So every year we have a May Madness competition to determine Stamp's ping-pong champion. As if that wasn’t exciting enough, Stamp's principals have put another spin on the tournament with a $10,000 prize* for the perfect Stamp May Madness Player Bracket. To submit your bracket follow these easy steps.

  • Download your Stamp 2017 May Madness Bracket pdf to your computer. Mobile users will need to use Adobe Reader to fill out the interactive form**.
  • Open the file and enter a winner for every match in every round, all the way to the ultimate champion of the overall tournament.
  • Once you have completely filled out the form, you can save your filled out bracket and email it to Don’t forget to include your name in the email!

Enter Now

Deadline to submit your bracket is 9am, Friday May 5, 2017. Once your submission has been received a reply email will be sent to confirm.

* No Stamp Idea Group funds will be encumbered to pay this reward. Should multiple perfect brackets be submitted, $10,000 will be split equally among participants.
** Download Adobe Reader to fill out the interactive PDF. You can find it on the iTunes Store or Google Play Store

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