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By 2019, over 50% of search results will be viewed as images

If you don’t have relevant and unique images on your site with appropriate keywords and metadata, you will be missing 50%+ of your potential consumers.

In November 2014, research from Hoosh Technology, an online marketing intelligence provider, found 63% of users who click on Google image results during a search visit the website where the picture originated. If you have not used this feature already, try clicking on the images link after your next Google search for a taste. Now, try searching for an important person on your management team or one of your most important products to see how you are doing.

  • Pictures are not just worth a thousand words but also millions of Likes, Comments, and Shares on Facebook. Research released in July 2013 by Socialbakers found that of the 5,000 brand pages monitored by the company 93% of people on Facebook prefer to interact with photos more than with any other type of post, such as simple status updates, links or even video.
  • Socialbakers also examined a representative sample of 1 million branded Tweets to see how they engage followers. While Tweets with photos get almost half of all engagement, they are in the minority of published content.
    Post Type of Branded Tweets on Twitter: Text Only - 70%; Link - 19%, Photo - 10%, Video 1%Top 10% Tweets by Interactions on Twitter: Photo - 47%, Text Only - 28%; Link - 23%, Video 2%
  • Last month, Instagram shared that they have 400 million members and those members are posting 80 million images a day.  That means there are 800 million eyes that could potentially view your photos promoting your products or content. That number will continue to grow.
  • Still not convinced about the power of imagery? 80 percent of people remember what they see.
    Studies show that people remember: 10% of what they hear; 20% of what they read; 80% of what they see and do
    (source: wysowl)

So why not increase the number of photos you’re publishing on your site and all social media? Take advantage of social media’s capabilities to help increase your brand or campaign awareness, Key Performance Indicators (KPIs), and as a fantastic place for strengthening brand loyalty.

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