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Kelley Lee

Account Coordinator

Account Service

At age 12, my family moved from Oakland, California, to Marietta, Georgia, to be closer to family and my parents’ hometowns. Upon high school graduation, I attended The University of Alabama where I received my Bachelor’s degree in public relations and a double-minor in English and human and environmental sciences. Although I’m not originally from Alabama, I consider the state to be my home. While working in the Governor’s Office, I had the opportunity to travel across our beautiful state and meet people from every walk of life. This experience gave me a look into what truly makes Alabama special: our people.

Favorite quote: “Beauty is in the eye of the beholder, and it may be necessary from time to time to give a stupid or misinformed beholder a black eye.”
-Miss Piggy

Favorite music: Classic Rock, but I really love it all.

Trashy TV addiction: The Good Wife.

Best advice received: “Everyone has something going on in their lives — so, give them grace when they deserve it least.”

Raving about: My son (I have become that parent).

Back in the day I played volleyball for 10 years (bring on the short jokes).

Where I like to make my mark: In my home and in my community.

I want to Stamp out: Awkward small talk.

Honk if you love: (Strong) coffee.

Four words that describe me would be: Creative, Strong-Willed, Brave and Kind.

Once aspired to be…A veterinarian.

Favorite hashtag: #assholeparent.

I make: The best poppy seed chicken casserole.

My spare time is spent: Chasing my one-year-old son around.

Hidden talent: I haven’t kept my chops up in recent years, but I’m a trained vocalist.